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Coremail invited to participate in China-Africa

On October 19th, the China-Africa Forum on Digital Capacity Building Cooperation was held in Beijing. Coremail, as a leader in the domestic email industry, was invited by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to participate in the forum and deliver a keynote speech.

The theme of this forum was ';Strengthening Cooperation on Digital Capacity Building and Seizing Digital Development Opportunities Together';. The Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Jing Junhai, the Ugandan Minister of News and Information Communication Technology, Chris Bariumone, and the Sierra Leonean Minister of Communication Technology and Innovation, Salima Bakarr, attended the forum and delivered speeches. The Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhao Zhiguo, also attended the forum.

Representatives of the Chinese side proposed that the digital economy is becoming a key force in reorganizing global factor resources, reshaping the global economic structure and changing the pattern of global competition, and that China and Africa should strengthen cooperation in the digital economy. In recent years, government departments, enterprises and research institutions of China and Africa have made joint efforts to deepen digital cooperation and achieved remarkable results. China-Africa cooperation is an important part of the ';One Belt, One Road'; initiative, and China is willing to work with its African partners to take the third ';Belt and Road'; International Cooperation Summit Forum as a new opportunity to push forward China-Africa cooperation in digital capacity-building.


During the forum, Wu Xiucheng, the Vice President of Coremail, shared how to build a resilient, secure, and efficient email system as a representative of the Chinese email industry experts. Data security is facing serious threats, and email security is a key link in data security. Coremail's email system multi-level enhances its security capabilities, creating an email security ecosystem from aspects such as user settings, account management, transmission, defense, storage, etc., to fully protect the data security of email systems. Flexibility and diverse solutions meet the complex needs of customers in global communications and security protection, which builds a secure and reliable communication bridge for global customers.


Wu Xiucheng mentioned that Africa has always been one of the global important markets for Coremail's services. African culture is highly diverse, with approximately 2,000 languages, various religious beliefs, and rich artistic forms. As one of the first companies in the world to implement EAI, Coremail has launched internationalized multilingual email software products that support the international technical standard EAI and enable email addresses to use local languages and characters.


Coremail has launched secure electronic mailbox services in countries such as South Africa and Botswana, and has provided services in African countries such as Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Niger, accumulating rich practical experience. In the future, Coremail will continue to invest more high-quality resources, strengthen cooperation and communications with customers in Africa, enhance the ability and service level of exclusive secure electronic mailbox solutions in the African region, and contribute digital strength to the country's ';Belt and Road'; strategy!