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HKCNSA helps Boardware HK Solution Day to safeguard digital security

*On January 19, the BoardWare Hong Kong Solution Day, co-organized by Boardware and the Hong Kong China Network Security Association (HKCNSA), was successfully held at the Mira Hong Kong. The event, led by Mr. David Ip, founding chairman of the HKCNSA, a number of individual members, consultant members, and committee members of the association attended the event, to discuss the latest trends and future development of digital security with experts from all walks of life.


Mr. Myer Liu (second from right), Coremail Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and International Business Department Director, Mr. Ricky Wong (first from right), Senior Consultant, Mr. John Fung (first from left), Overseas Sales Manager, with Mr. David Ip (third from left), founding Chairman of HKCNSA and Vice President Ms. Christy Tang (second from left)

At the event, there were over 20 booths covering eight solution areas, including network and system infrastructure, application development, and virtual reality experiences in the metaverse digital culture. Each booth featured live demonstrations and explanations by industry experts, showcasing the latest technological applications and innovative solutions for attendees to gain in-depth knowledge about various products and solutions.


During the panel discussions, Mr. Kalvin Lam, Vice President and Technical Director of the HKCNSA, along with other guests, delved into discussions on finding data security solutions to ensure the development of the digital economy and provided new ideas and methods to address practical business challenges. Meanwhile, the main conference saw all guests collectively exploring the global and Hong Kong IT industry trends for 2024 and offering best practice recommendations for relevant fields.


Mr. Kalvin Lam (second from left), Vice President of the Association, participated in the panel discussions at the event

Mr. Joe Yip, Vice President of the Association, delivered a keynote speech titled ';Building Leading Data Infrastructure in AI Big Model Era.'; He emphasized the importance of data infrastructure in the era of AI big models and how reliable flash storage and the OceanStor A310 All-AI Next Generation Data Lake Storage solution can help businesses cope with the challenges of data processing and storage at scale.

This event not only provided attendees with a platform to deepen their understanding of network security and data protection, but also facilitated collaboration and communication in the industry. In the future, HKCNSA will continue to co-organize more events, working hand in hand with various sectors to promote the continuous development of the field of cybersecurity.