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Deploy different system modules for financial institutions on the intranet and extranet to achieve smooth communication on the premise of meeting the above security requirements.

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Challenge For the Industry

It needs to prevent the risk of data leakage, anti-spam and anti-virus protection, multi-factor authentication, data encryption storage, Etc. At the same time, based on regulatory requirements, it is necessary to develop enterprise informatization in an autonomous and controllable direction.

Complex architecture deployment is required. Usually, bank, insurance, and other financial industries have intranets, DMZs, the Internet, and even other physical or logical divisions and isolation of networks, requiring the mail system to be flexibly deployed by module. At the same time, the financial industry has multiple branches, which need to be deployed in a distributed or centralized manner according to the needs of the enterprise to meet the needs of financial enterprises for nearby access, high local availability, and remote disaster recovery.

The systems involved in the financial industry are complex and require a high degree of integration with the mail system. The standardization and stability of the system connection are crucial factors to ensure the normal and stable operation of the business.

The system requires high stability and reliability and quick response for any interruption, in any case to prevent loss in business.

For large-scale mail delivery, such as credit card bills, the delivery success rate of the mail is a crucial indicator. However, various mail system operators often restrict such large-scale delivery tasks, resulting in low delivery efficiency and affecting business accuracy.

Coremail Solution for the Industry

Coremail financial industry mail solution, through the cooperation between Coremail and various leading financial enterprises, deeply understands the common needs of financial enterprises and integrates the comprehensive factors in the industry in terms of security control, system stability, and existing mail use, Etc.

High Availability of the system

After more than 20 years of optimization, the Coremail mail system adopts the most stable system architecture, and has been tested by more than 20,000 on-premises customers for many years in theproduction environment. Multiple active data and multiple copies are stored in the computer room/in the same city, which solves the problem of excessive pressure on the enterprise intranet line caused by the large-scale concurrency of mail data, realizes efficient and fast access of financial enterprises in the office locations of various provinces and cities, and brings the most stable and reliable service to the enterprises’mail system.

Full terminal office system integration

Coremail has many successful integration cases,. With rich API interfaces and SDK development kits, any module can be seamlessly integrated with third parties, including single sign-on, account synchronization, organization address book synchronization, etc. Support AD Domain, LDAP, CRM, and other third-party systems can be quickly integrated with standards, and at the same time, it supports page embedding or an open interface. From PC integration to mobile platform access, the Coremail system has strong technical support.

System Architecture

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