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High-performance distributed architecture to meet different needs of customers, rich integrated applications, easy to integrate.

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Challenge For the Industry

Has multiple application scenarios, demand for remote offices will be higher than in other industries.

Many business systems , which need have high requirements for third-party application integration and collaborative office;

High requirements for the stability and efficiency of the mail system and strong demand for automation and maintenance;

It has high requirements for the security of the mail system and the storage of multiple copies of data.

Coremail Solution for the Industry

Coremail’s email solution for medium and large enterprises has accumulated many special needs for medium and large enterprises by serving many medium and large enterprises, such as central state-owned enterprises, well-known enterprises, IT, Fortune 500 enterprises, Etc. Using features, by opening various API and SDK interface methods, it can fully meet the special scenarios of large and medium-sized enterprises with large branches, many personnel, and scattered places, improve the information flow and work efficiency of enterprises, and ensure the security and stability of the system.


High-performance distributed architecture provides three sets of solutions for centralized, remote distributed, and global deployment, which can support high-availability architecture and achieve smooth horizontal expansion of resources as the enterprise-scale grows, and multi-scenario hybrid deployment can be carried out according to enterprise needs.


Through the use of various self-developed tools and the optimization of the coremail mail system, accumulated more than 20 years of experience in operation and maintenance, automatic operation and maintenance of the system and convenient maintenance operations can be reached, quick trouble-shooting and resolved.

System Architecture

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