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Coremail offers different Technical Support Levels, so you can select the one that best fits your Business needs.


Business-Hours support only, respond to troubleshooting regularly


7*24 phone support, regular troubleshooting check


7*24 phone support included data migration

Support Level Services

Coremail offers different Technical Support Levels, so you can select the one that best fits your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your company's charging model?

Charges are based on the number of users and your functional requirements, on-demand, and by module.

Does it support virtual machines, what is the difference between virtual machines and physical machines, and does it support cloud platforms?

All of the above are supported.

How is the data migration implemented? Can the password and the organizational structure be moved over?

This is determined by following up with the customer's original mail system. Generally, for common mail such as Exchange, Domino, Etc. We have our migration tools, which can do seamless migration. We have the mailbox migration function of the cloud platform so that the original mailbox data can also be migrated.

Can the existing outlook and fox-mail client still be used after replacing your company's mail system?

It does not affect existing clients' use. Outlook and fox-mail are all third-party mail clients. Our mail system fully supports POP3 and IMAP, two protocols. Our company also has its own professional, secure email client, with many exclusive functions such as secure encrypted storage, real-time synchronization, and schedule synchronization.

Is it possible to provide an SDK interface

SDK is the front-end interface, and our company can provide it.

Does it support anti-spam and anti-virus, and which company's virus database is used?

We have a self-developed CAC anti-spam system and an anti-virus software cooperating with Qi Anxin.

Is it possible to build a test system?

Yes, but the customer needs to prepare the test environment and give a reasonable test environment configuration plan. We could arranges technical colleagues to assist in the construction.

Is it possible to connect with third-party systems, such as dlp (data leakage prevention system), sandbox, gateway, Etc.?

We can connect with third-party systems, and provide standard API interfaces. If there are some personalized needs, we can also do customized development.

Does your company have a high-availability solution, and what is the high-availability architecture? What is the disaster recovery plan and architecture? High availability at the front end and high availability at the back end; what is the solution for a single server and a solution for multiple computer rooms?

We could provide a high-availability solution, that is, a multi-active solution. For disaster recovery, you need to consider whether it is a remote disaster recovery solution or a single-room disaster recovery solution.

What configuration do you recommend based on our company's current number of users and concurrency?

This needs to be configured according to the customer's situation. If the number of users is less than 1000, a single machine is sufficient if high performance is not considered. However, from the standpoint of performance, ease-to-use, and stability, the layout is two fronts-end and one back-end. Due to the large memory usage of the mail system, it is recommended that the server be configured with higher memory. 64G is generally recommended, and an eight-core CPU is recommended.

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