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Email Solutions

Provide government customers with an overall solution for internal and external email systems, support email monitoring, auditing, and security level control to ensure the security of system information flow.

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Challenge For the Industry

Security compliance troubles of government intranet and the process of government affairs.

Security requirements for mail systems such as monitoring and real-time warning.

Need safe and easy access to public email on the government extranet.

Coremail Solution for the Industry

Coremail e-mail system adopts the strictest security system to ensure that the confidential information of government agencies is not leaked., At the same time, it applies the most effective supervision methods to prevent information from leaking from the inside.


After more than 20 years of optimization, the Coremail mail system adopts the most stable system architecture and has been tested by more than 20,000 on-premises customers for many years in production environment. Multiple active data and multiple copies are stored in the computer room/in the same city, which solves the problem of excessive pressure on the enterprise intranet line caused by the large-scale concurrency of mail data, realizes efficient and fast access of financial enterprises in the office locations of various provinces and cities, and brings the most stable and reliable service to enterprises’ mail system.


Coremail has many successful integration cases .ith rich API interfaces and SDK development kits, any module can be seamlessly integrated with third parties, including single sign-on, account synchronization, organization address book synchronization, etc. Support AD Domain, and other third-party systems can be quickly integrated with standards, and at the same time, it supports page embedding or an open interface. From PC integration to mobile platform access, the Coremail system has strong technical support.

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